How Will Valve Define “Straight Up Trolling?”

After weeks of controversy and even mainstream media attention over the content of its platform, Valve recently announced a new, more hands off approach to dealing with controversial games. In a public statement, Valve said it would no longer remove controversial games except in cases in which the games are illegal or “straight up trolling.”

Are Rick and Morty Fans Toxic?

Mainstream media, as it tends to do when something it doesn’t understand becomes wildly popular, has relentlessly bashed Rick and Morty and its fans on accusations of fan toxicity. But even though these articles by The Telegraph and Newsweek may be (ARE) biased, the existence of fan toxicity can’t be denied. All fandoms with more than 100 members have some level of toxicity. But does Rick and Morty stand out as particularly toxic or are the show and its fans just the latest victims of mainstream media’s fear of anything new and popular?