Real1 (Enzo Amore) Gives His Side of the Story on MLW “Release”

Real1, who wrestled in the WWE under the name Enzo Amore, responded to reports he was “released” from Major League Wrestling.

Someone Wants To Sell a Steam Game for $2 MILLION

The game is called “Bloodied Fear” and in all fairness to the publishers, it does look pretty fun. It’s a retro, side-scrolling beat-em-up game in the spirit of “Double Dragon” and “Streets of Rage.” Reviews are mostly positive.

Chris Farley Appeared on “All That” Alongside Teenage Kenan Thompson In One Of His Last Television Skits

The episode aired in January, 1997, just under a year before Farley’s death. Farley made a few television appearances that year, visiting as a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” that same month and hosting “Saturday Night Live in October.” But by that point in his career, Farley focused most of his energy on movies.

Animation News Site Dragged for Revealing Location of Rebecca Sugar’s New Home

Steven Universe fans were outraged when an animation news website, Cartoon Brew, published an article about Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar’s new 2-million dollar home. The article, published on Saturday, Dec. 3, included details about the property and photos taken from a Compass. But the article also included the general location of the property, leading several Twitter users to accuse the website of doxing the creator.