Holly Christine Backs Up Accuser of JewWario

After the release of a Google Docs file detailing a multitude of allegations against Channel Awesome, internet users speculated on the identity of one unnamed former producer who was accused of sexual misconduct with a former contributor. “Jane Doe” said she was 18 at the time and. She said he acted as if he were teaching her and she said she honestly felt like the unnamed producer was teaching her to come into her sexuality, but she said she later felt he “groomed her” after reading a pamphlet on child grooming.


Jane Doe’s section begins on page 66 of the Google Doc file.


Several days ago, another accuser posted on Reddit and said this unnamed producer was Justin Carmical (JewWario.) This user, who goes by ZoraLocust on Reddit, said she is not Jane Doe from the Google Doc but said Carmical raped her when she was passed out. She said she repeatedly told Carmical no and then later woke up, after passing out, to find him raping her.


ZoraLocust said she reached out to one of the people making the Google Doc but was ignored. Holly Christine, a former human resource person with Channel Awesome and contributor to the doc, said the person she sent it to probably didn’t see it.


Christine also said in this tweet thread that she knows ZoraLocust, remembers her accusations at the time and said her statements are true.


Christine said she acted as a go-between for ZoraLocust and Channel Awesome. She said ZoraLocust, fearing retaliation, did not want to reveal her name or go farther than talking to Channel Awesome and she said Carmical was fired as a result.


Carmical committed suicide in 2014.



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