Lyra heartstrings human obsession human doll my little pony

Lyra’s Teddy Human

Lyra Heartstrings shows her human obsession with her favorite teddy human. Advertisements


How to make a Minecraft sex dungeon

After some zombies snuck in and killed the crap out of several villagers, I decided to get a breeding pair … More


Plot Hole

Meet my OC. Plot Hole, the worst writer in Equestria. Advertisements


Firefly’s Advent

The armies of Bray Wyatt lie in wait for the day they can finally rise up, and topple the decadent … More

Bray Wyatt fan art WWE fireflies swamp

The Man in the Swamp

The fireflies answer their master’s call. Driven by a destiny he ever wanted, Bray Wyatt marches on the world. One … More


He’s Got the Whole World in His Hooves

Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Hay, is going to teach Equestria that there is no such thing as a hero! … More

Lyra Heartstrings fan art My Little Pony hands human obsession human magic

Human Magic

Mean human. He thought it was funny as hell for a second there, buy the joke’s on him because now … More


Heir to Chaos

Screwball, the craziest filly in Equestria, has decided that she’s tired of waiting for Discord to be the God of … More