Spike From My Little Pony Now Has a Girlfriend in Canon

My Little Pony creator Lauren Faust took to Twitter on Nov. 28 to announce a new character in the My Little Pony universe

How to Import Custom Art for Subnautica Picture Frames

That’s a pretty kickin’ pad you set up, there! You’ve got your Moonpool to park that pink Seamoth, a sweet observatory so you can just chillax and watch that Reaper Leviathan swimming around (it almost got you while you were building that! Get that image out of your head while you’re going to bed tonight), a Scanner Room to scope out wrecks and resources, and a bedroom with a desk.

Plot Hole

Meet my OC. Plot Hole, the worst writer in Equestria.

Firefly’s Advent

The armies of Bray Wyatt lie in wait for the day they can finally rise up, and topple the decadent … More