Real1 (Enzo Amore) Gives His Side of the Story on MLW “Release”

Real1, who wrestled in the WWE under the name Enzo Amore, responded to reports he was “released” from Major League Wrestling.

New Information On Bray Wyatt’s Release

New information from Dave Meltzer would seem to indicate that Bray Wyatt’s release was a last minute decision. According to Meltzer, Wyatt (real name Windham Lawrence Rotunda) was booked to return in August, yet was released the last day of July. Meltzer said the reason given by WWE officials was budget cuts.

Bray Wyatt Released From WWE

In a shocking move, WWE announced on its Twitter account today that the company has come to terms with the release of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has not appeared on TV since his match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37. His long absence has sparked theories that he might have been taking a sabbatical to grieve for his close friend and former faction partner, John Huber, also known as Luke Harper or Brodie Lee in AEW.

Damian Priest and The Miz Fight Zombies at WWE Backlash

But the WWE raised a lot of eyebrows with the lumberjack match at WWE Backlash featuring Damian Priest and The Miz. During this match, in order to promote the new Army of the Dead movie starring Dave Bautista, the WWE brought out people dressed as zombies to act as the lumberjacks while the display screens, which usually show the virtual crowd, displayed a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Ryback’s Followers Keep Voting for Him to Retire

Social media can be a cruel place for wrestlers. While normal trolls on Twitter have no problem at all inciting the angry reaction they seek, the destruction of kayfabe has left heels struggling to generate the boos and negative feedback they need in order to make viewers root for the good guy during matches.

WWE Superstar Paige Trolls Fans With Fake Plastic Surgery Filter

WWE superstar Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) trolled fans Thursday with an image filter that appeared to mutate her face. Posting on Twitter, Saraya made no comment other than to link her Twitch channel while she posted the image. The majority of her followers knew immediately she’d used a filter to manipulate the image, but the disturbingly realistic filter did manage to convince several followers that she’d either had a botched plastic surgery or gone overboard with the Botox.