Loremaster of Sotek Regains Control of YouTube Account After Hack

By Joshua Waddles

10 March 2023

Loremaster of Sotek, a streamer famous for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Warhammer universe, announced Thursday on Twitter that he’d been the latest victim of a YouTube/Google hacking spree. The hackers changed his logo to a Mercedes icon, but no new videos appeared on the channel. Sotek was also able to post on his YouTube channel that he had been hacked and warned his followers of potential phishing attempts.

He asked for retweets to get YouTube’s attention and filled out all of the necessary forms. Hours later, Sotek thanked his supporters and announced that he was once again in control of his channel. He said it would take a few days to repair the damage and restore deleted content.

Hackers have become increasingly aggressive (as well as effective) in recent years. Over recent months, content creators flooded social media asking for help with channels which were hacked by agents posing as legit companies, primarily the “Tesla Live Scam.”

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