Loremaster of Sotek Regains Control of YouTube Account After Hack

Loremaster of Sotek, a streamer famous for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Warhammer universe, announced Thursday on Twitter that he’d been the latest victim of a YouTube/Google hacking spree. The hackers changed his logo to a Mercedes icon, but no new videos appeared on the channel.

YouTube Destroys Views for “My Little Dashie- The Mini Movie” On Creator’s Birthday

With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Swiss creator StormXF3 amassed this legion of followers by editing My Little Pony animations together with live action actors. StormXf3’s videos frequently rack up millions of views, occasionally coming close to or even beating the early success of the “My Little Dashie” fan film published eight years ago, yet at 31 million views, “My Little Dashie- The Mini Movie” remains an essential component of the channel’s growth.