“Bloodied Fear” Banned on Steam For $2 Million Price Tag

In a previous article, it was reported that one independent creator wanted to sell a game called “Bloodied Fear” on Steam for $ 2 million. Well apparently Steam didn’t think the $2 million price was very funny, so the game currently banned on Steam.

Someone Wants To Sell a Steam Game for $2 MILLION

The game is called “Bloodied Fear” and in all fairness to the publishers, it does look pretty fun. It’s a retro, side-scrolling beat-em-up game in the spirit of “Double Dragon” and “Streets of Rage.” Reviews are mostly positive.

How Will Valve Define “Straight Up Trolling?”

After weeks of controversy and even mainstream media attention over the content of its platform, Valve recently announced a new, more hands off approach to dealing with controversial games. In a public statement, Valve said it would no longer remove controversial games except in cases in which the games are illegal or “straight up trolling.”