Legend of Total War’s Home Broken Into

By Joshua Waddles

20 March 2023

The semi-retired Total War: Warhammer streamer announced Sunday that some criminal had recently broken into his home.

According to the tweet, Legend and Mrs. Legend came home to find all of her jewelry gone. The burglar got in through Legend’s office and left it a mess. The criminal was smart enough not to take the computer (digital devices can easily be tracked in most cases), but Legend did say they stole his birthday present and the package he’d received from Manscaped, one of his sponsors.

I’m required by law to make a Great Book of Grudges joke.

Adding details during a livestream, Legend said there was no lasting damage, although he said there were sentimental items stolen from late relatives which they can never get back. He said it seemed like a very professional job and although they left the house a mess, they hadn’t broken anything.

“Our dog was home,” said Legend. “So we’re just grateful they didn’t hurt our dog.”

He said the police told him that burglars often destroy property and hurt pets just to be cruel to the homeowners, but this burglar only took things which had monetary value.

Legend of Total War went into semi retirement about four months ago. He no longer livestreams as a full-time job, but he does still release short videos daily. In addition he occasionally pops in to do a livestream. Recently he livestreamed a Karl Franz campaign in celebration of Creative Assembly’s decision to make the Immortal Empires expansion free to everyone who purchases Total War: Warhammer III. He and Mrs. Legend also occasionally stream on the separate channel, Legends of Valheim.

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