Claire Margaret Corlett Announces Engagement to Gabriel C. Brown

By Joshua Waddles

21 March 2022

Claire Margaret Corlett, who voiced Sweetie Belle on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as part of her extensive filmogrophy, recently announced her engagement to Gabriel C Brown, who worked on Friendship is Magic and also voiced Alastor (during the character’s song portions) for the pilot of Hazbin Hotel.

I need glasses. I saw this picture in my feed three times before I realized she wasn’t flipping us the bird.

The two have been seeing each other romantically for about two years and spent the holidays together. The two of them fill their time with outdoors activities including motorized gliding, hiking and sightseeing around town when they’re not busy with their careers. Neither has slowed down since Friendship is Magic. Since the end of the show, Corlett has voiced Tiny from Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island, Gwynn on Novelmore, Blazo on Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky and Claire (not herself but a character with the same first name) on the upcoming show Vulpwood, in addition to her continued role as Sweetie Belle on Pony Life.

Brown, in addition to providing the singing voice for Alastor in the Hazbin Hotel pilot, also worked in the music department for Angry Birds: Summer Madness since the end of MLP. Under his screen name Black Gryph0n, he operates a YouTube channel with 4.5 million subscribers and his filmogrophy goes back to 2012. He performed as a voice actor/singer in films such as Finding Dory, Pa-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Littlest Pet Shop.  

Corlett and Brown plan to get married in November of this year.

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