KKK, Chris Benoit and Graphic Murder Scene All Displayed On WWE Thunderdome’s Virtual Audience Feature

Live action events suffered badly during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The WWE in particular lost not only a fortune in ticket sales, but also struggled to maintain the feel of a WWE event. Much as with comedians, wrestling events rely heavily on audience reactions to provide a complete viewing experience, and attempting to put on a normal wrestling match without a live audience just looks weird.

The WWE copied the NBA’s idea of using a virtual audience feature. With computer editing, fans live streamed from their webcams and were automatically projected in little windows around the arena, which, while lacking the raucous noise of a live audience, at least showed viewers they were not the only ones watching.

The WWE provided a list of rules to abide by while live streaming for Thunderdome and any future WWE events (expect these rules to be amended) including: one fan per seat, WWE licensed clothing preferred (*cough* no AEW *cough*) and no inappropriate clothing.

That is definitely inappropriate clothing!!

The web page to register fans as part of the Thunderdome virtual audience only asked fans to confirm their email addresses in order to provide a link and to sign their names as part of an agreement. Anyone who’d ever been on the internet before could have predicted what occurred next. While the WWE’s eagle eyed spotters kept a close eye out for any AEW T-shirts or merch, one man slipped past the censors wearing a KKK robe and hood, while another screen displayed an image of Chris Benoit

Good to know Hell has high-speed internet

But even the more cynical, internet obsessed millennials were surprised when some fan streamed a video of a graphic murder scene, which is hopefully from a movie?

After images of Benoit and the KKK dude went viral, the WWE released a statement that they are “working on” a ban for the trolls. This might be tricky, with apparently no way of verifying fans’ identities during registration (unless Chris Benoit used his real name). Either way, the WWE is sure to clamp down on cyber security after so many trolls slipped into Thunderdome. So thanks, Chris, for ruining it for all of us. You know, again.

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  1. Way to attack a guy who obviously had issues you’ll never know about. Shame on you for your cavalier outlook on a man’s life that tragically took his family with him. Live your mundane existence, and shut your mouth about what you don’t know….. Which could fill a billion books. Pretentious asshole.


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