Aleister Black Shows Off Epic Horned Skull Mask

By Joshua Waddles

24 May 2021

Out of action for months due to injuries, Aleister Black made his return to SmackDown on Friday, May 21. He had very little screen time, delivering a Black Mass kick to Big E in order to help Apollo Crews retain the Intercontinental Title in a Fatal 4-Way match which also included Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Black’s brief appearance was merely a taste for the fans awaiting his return, and he gave fans another taste early May 24. Posting at 1:14 a.m., Black posted an image from a photoshoot of himself wearing a long, hooded coat and a skull-shaped mask with deer antlers.

He offered no information on the mask, whether or not he might wear it during entrances or whether it will be integrated into his gimmick, leaving fans to speculate amongst themselves.

In March, many fans and wrestling commentators expected Black to leave the organization. His friend Andrade and his wife Zelina Vega both left the WWE, and media reports circulated that Vince McMahon did not like Andrade, Black or Buddy Murphy.

But the first vignette in April came as an unexpected surprise to Black fans, showing that Black is not the color of death. Or at least not career death.

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