WWE Superstar Paige Trolls Fans With Fake Plastic Surgery Filter

Article by Joshua Waddles

15 May 2021

WWE superstar Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) trolled fans Thursday with an image filter that appeared to mutate her face. Posting on Twitter, Saraya made no comment other than to link her Twitch channel while she posted the image. The majority of her followers knew immediately she’d used a filter to manipulate the image, but the disturbingly realistic filter did manage to convince several followers that she’d either had a botched plastic surgery or gone overboard with the Botox.

Saraya waited a bit before letting everyone in on the joke, promising to read some of the more vicious comments on Twitch. Most fans gave the former Women’s Champion props for excellent trolling. There were one or two who took the matter personally, however.

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