ECW Legend New Jack’s Funeral Cancelled After Fans Find Location Online

By Joshua Waddles

30 May 2021

The family of ECW legend New Jack, who passed away of a heart attack on May 14, had to postpone his funeral after fans found the time and location of the services. Washington Heights announced the cancellation of their father’s funeral on Twitter account on May 29.

Heights asked fans to respect boundaries and said there will be separate services for the public

Jerome “New Jack” Young debuted on ECW in 1995 after a few years performing for the United States Wrestling Association, the North Georgia Wrestling Alliance and Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He is a three-time ECW World Tag Team Champion with Mustafa Saed and John Kronus. After ECW closed its operations in 2001, Young spent several years performing on the independent circuit until 2010, then made his return to wrestling with the Pro Wrestling Syndicate in 2016, and he kept active in wrestling until his last match in April of this year.

Young is survived by his wife, Jennifer Young, and five children.


    1. Thanks. I’m going off of an article that said Heights uses female pronouns while performing. I couldn’t find any clarification from Heights’ social media account. I just can’t figure out a gender neutral way to say Heights is New Jack’s son/daughter. “Child” seems like it would be insulting because Heights is an adult and offspring is so clinical, it seems insulting too. Idk, I think I’ll redo the sentence and just give the information a different way that New Jack is their father.


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