Hunipop Seemingly Survives Valve’s Adult Content Crackdown

Hunipop, one of the adult games in the center of the controversy surrounding Valve’s presumed crackdown on adult content, has seemingly been spared from the purge.

Hunipop creators posted recently that they have received an email from Valve demanding the game remove its adult content or face a ban from Steam.

Recently an internet group, claiming to advocate for sexual assault victims, appeared on Twitter claiming to have successfully pressured Valve into censoring Hunipop. In their website, this group claims that video games are the root cause of sexual assault and that games teach boys to be rapists. This group (name redacted) also associated Hunipop with games which, they say, promote sexual assault and incest. Those who have played the game say Hunipop does not contain either of those things.

True or not, the developers of Hunipop did themselves no favors with their reply to the controversy. In their reply (partially censored here because of iffy content rules) the Hunipop spokesman disparaged the supposed condition of their critic’s vaginas.

Regardless, Hunipop creators announced on May 19 that they received a follow up email. In this email, Steam apologized for the confusion and asked Hunipop to disregard its previous emails as Steam evaluates the game.

Critics of Valve policy note glaring inconsistencies with the enforcement of its policy. Games with no sexual content have been pulled while other games with hard core sex scenes remain available. Critics also accuse Valve of selective enforcement of the policy, giving passes to big-money games like The Witcher while offering up Indy artists to placate the special interest groups.

Recent rumors of a crackdown on adult content resulted in petitions on and a massive backlash on Twitter.

The group which claimed credit for the unfulfilled ban, Morality in Media, is a faith-based anti- pornography group which began with a Lutheran pastor in the 1960s. The group changed its name to The National Center on Sexual Exploitation in 2015.

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