“Bloodied Fear” Banned on Steam For $2 Million Price Tag

By Joshua Waddles

16 May 2023

In a previous article, it was reported that one independent creator wanted to sell a game called “Bloodied Fear” on Steam for $ 2 million. Well apparently Steam didn’t think the $2 million price was very funny, so the game currently banned on Steam.

The creator reached out to provide the update. He said he meant no harm in the price tag and is currently reaching out to the Valve corporation to try to get the game unbanned. He said he apologized for the $2 million price tag and hopes to get the game relisted. He also wanted to warn other developers and hopefully help them avoid the same issue.

He also said he could find nothing in Steam’s Terms of Service regarding bans over price increases.

The developer is still awaiting a response from Valve.



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