Reddit User Turns Gawr Gura Into a Space Marine From the Carcharodons Warhammer 40K Chapter

By Joshua Waddles

9 July 2022

Adorable heresy took place in the R/Warhammer community on Thursday as Reddit user Euphoric_Block1236 posted an update on his project, Chapter Master Gawr Gura of the Carcharodons Space Marine Chapter. He’d previously shared his work in the subreddit but added detailed free-hand designs on the model since his previous post.

Euphoric_Block1236 said he 3d printed the head from an STL. In addition he gave Gura her signature trident which has appeared in artwork along with her tail in the back. Since the Carcharadons are an infamously ruthless Space Marines chapter, it also made since to depict Lord Gawr Gura standing over the skulls of her slain enemies.

My armor is contempt, my sword is hatred, my shield is disgust. In the Emperor’s name, uwu!!!

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