Bray Wyatt: the speaker of truth, not the truth himself

When someone speaks as much truth as Bray Wyatt, especially the truth that most people refuse to even acknowledge, it’s only natural to be drawn to that person. But you can be pretty sure this was never what Bray intended. 

There are a few fans who legit worship Bray Wyatt. This made me very uneasy when I realized they weren’t kidding.

Although, at the same time, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand.

Bray is known to be a Christian. If you’ve ever noticed that anchor tattoo on his finger, that’s a Christian symbol. Because “God is a jealous God,” it probably made him very nervous when (if) he found out some fans were actually worshipping him.

This may even be why he took such a long break from his monologues. 

But Bray has said before that his character isn’t really a character, it’s really him. He described going crazy in NXT as he adjusted. 

Common sense would tell you there has to be a limit to how much he and his character are alike. His history with Sister Abigail certainty didn’t happen for real and he doesn’t really believe he can teleport.

But when you pay attention to the things he says, the words about society that captivated the Fireflies, those things must be mostly his true beliefs.

Because there’s just no way he could speak with such passion and creativity, and hit the nail right on the head the way he does, unless he truly believes it.

This probably left Bray in a little bit of a crisis. He has things to say, but he had no idea the effect it would have on people. 

He probably got frightened by his own power. He doesn’t want to be a god, but he knows society is rotten. How does he share this with us without us taking it wrong? 

Whatever he decided, he’s gone back to his monologues at last. We’ve all missed them.

My thinking (and this is pure conjecture, trying to put myself in his position) is that he’s taking time to really think harder about how he puts things, but he knows his words are a truth that many, many people need to hear. Not just the people who don’t see the lie we’re living in, but the ones who do and who need to know we’re not alone here.

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