Spike From My Little Pony Now Has a Girlfriend in Canon

By Joshua Waddles

29 Nov 2022

My Little Pony creator Lauren Faust took to Twitter on Nov. 28 to announce a new character in the My Little Pony universe: Emziko, the dragon. Designed by Faust’s six-year-old daughter, Emziko appears to be a dragon about Spike’s age with green scales and orange spikes. Original concept art depicts the character breathing a plume of fire into her claw.

Although Emziko has not appeared in any official My Little Pony cartoons or comics as of the date of this writing, creator Lauren Faust confirmed that the character is indeed canon, a declaration which is her right to make as the creator of the show.

A fan-community sprang up around the character immediately after Faust’s announcement with Brony artists creating fan-art of the character, many of which can be found in replies to Faust’s post.

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