Hasbro Invites Fans to Vote on New Monopoly Cards

By Joshua Waddles

Volunteer as a homework helper or spend the day playing video games with kids at the children’s hospital? This is one of 16 options fans are voting on to replace the original Monopoly Community Chest cards.

Announcing the vote in a press release, representatives from Hasbro said the world has changed a lot since the debut of Monopoly. In the 85 years since its inception, the Community Chest Cards have not changed. Most of the cards might not seem particularly dated, other than the idea of only spending $50 in doctors’ fees for a broken leg.

New choices up for vote include cards for shopping local (which results in the player gaining an additional 200 Monopoly dollars), rescuing a puppy or collecting 10 Monopoly dollars from each player during a block party.

The new cards, once chosen, will make their debut on Hasbro’s first Monopoly Charity Classic. The company will stream the event on YouTube with four celebrities competing for a portion of the $350,000 prize pot, which the winner will then donate to the charity of their choice.

Voting for the cards takes place on MonopolyCommunityChest.com, and winners will be announced in time for the Monopoly Charity Classic this Spring.

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