Pacific Glow, the rave pony

The pony that parties like it’s 1999, Pacific Glow made her first appearance in Saddle Row & Rec. As Rarity tried to open a Carousel Boutique expansion in Manehattan, Pacific Glow was one of the three ponies jamming down to a rave upstairs.

For a place that decked out, and that even had a doorman, you’d kind of expect more than three dancing ponies. Maybe the others went home, tired from partying all night?

Pacific Glow was an instant hit with the fans. Besides being unique and cute even by pony standards, older fans, particularly who are in the know about the club scene, may understand the sly meaning of that pacifier.

This is troubling when you consider how much Pinkie Pie wanted to join in on the party. Stay away, Pinkie! Don’t take anything she gives you!

While not a top-level favorite background pony like Derpy or Lyra, Pacific Glow still has a respectable following and some great fan art.

Art by jadethewolff

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