List of Producers Who Left During The Channel Awesome Implosion (Patreons Included Where Available)

By Joshua Waddles

A slew of allegations against the management and owner of Channel Awesome resulted in a mass exodus of producers from the show between March and April. Shown below is a list of producers who have left the show during that time.

This list will be updated in the event of more producers leaving.

Angry Joe

angry joe

Angry Joe, host of Angry Reviews, Top 10s and Top Reasons Why, left Channel Awesome on April 12 immediately following Channel Awesome’s latest response to allegations from several former producers and employees.

In a statement on Twitter, Angry Joe, (real name Joe Vargas) said he’d decided to resign immediately after recent events came to the attention of himself and his team.

That Dude in the Suede


William DuFresne (That Dude in the Suede) was one of the first to join Channel Awesome. Although he’d previously left in 2009, he returned in 2011. He made his final departure in late March of 2018, retweeting Linkara’s departure announcement and saying his own reasons are the same.

Lotus Prince


Justin Fruhling (Lotus Prince) created a video announcing his departure from Channel Awesome on March 29. He said he left in order to focus more on YouTube and thanked Channel Awesome for hosting his videos. He seems to have left in good terms, his farewell video is still on



Rantasmo announced his departure from Channel Awesome on Twitter on March 26. He said he didn’t want to go into detail but it felt like the right thing to do.

Rantasmo creates gay culture vlogs and hosts “Needs More Gay.”

The Blockbuster Buster


Erod, host of Blockbuster Buster, announced his departure from Channel Awesome in a YouTube Video on April 13. He said he’d campaigned for a year and a half, making videos every week just to be a part of Channel Awesome. Even though he said he probably worked harder than any other producer to join the site, he said there were various reasons for him to move on. He described a massive lack of communication between management and producers and he said he first heard about the controversy from Linkara. (He spent a long time unaware because he does not spend a lot of free time on social media.)

He said, according to his conversations with Linkara, the allegations in the Google document are only the tip of the iceberg.

ERod said he hadn’t made any money from his videos in a very long time but he continued to do it because he loved entertaining the fans and working with other producers. But now fans are unsubscribing and almost all of the producers have left. Although he said he was happy with Channel Awesome for three years, it was time to move on.

ERod is the creator of Blockbuster Buster, the movie review program.

Gaming Wildlife

Gaming Wildlife

Although their videos have not been removed from Channel Awesome as of  this latest update, the YouTube Group Gaming Wildlife joined the second mass exodus of producers leaving on April 12 after Channel Awesome’s statement attacking its accusers. On a statement from the group’s Twitter page, Mike Murphree apologized to everyone involved in the “chaos.” He said they’ve had only good experiences with Channel Awesome staff and delayed the decision to leave because they were waiting to hear a response from management.

Gaming Wildlife is group in charge of “The 100% Honest Series.”

Bennett the Sage

bennett the sage

No statement was found as of the last update, but Bennett the Sage was one of the seven producers whose videos disappeared from the sight immediately after Channel Awesome released its latest statement on April 12.

Bennett the Sage (Bennett White) hosts Anime Abandon

Dtoons Productions


Dtoons Productions announced on their Twitter account that they have ended their affiliation with channel Awesome because or recent events.

Dtoons Productions creates original cartoons, including the shows “Toons These Days” and “Conroy Cat.”

Battle Geek Plus

Battle Geek Plus

Ryan Molina, host of Battle Geek Plus, posted a lengthy goodbye on his Tumblr page on April 13. ( He said watching The Nostalgia Critic helped him get through a difficult time in his life and he joined Channel Awesome in 2014. He said he didn’t know about Michaud’s reputation at the time. He said his decision to leave stemmed from months of discontent exasperated by the latest controversy.

Molina reviews video games and frequently collaborated with Doug Walker.

Bargain Boy Reviews

bargain boy

No statement was found, but videos from Bargain Boy (formally That One Guy) were removed along with those belonging to six other producers during the Second Exodus of April 12.

Bargain Boy reviews movies and games.



No statement was found, but videos belonging to Lawrence Simpson (MasakoX) were removed from Channel Awesome on April 12 along with videos belonging to several other producers.

MasakoX reviews anime and creates discussion videos on Dragon Ball Z

Screen Crashers

timid jester

The Timid Jester, the team behind “Screen Crashers,” released a statement through their Twitter account on April 12. They said they’ve decided to leave Channel Awesome and the decision had actually been building for a long time. They said this was not because of any bad experiences and, with their limited involvement with Channel Awesome, they had nothing to contribute to the discussion of the controversy. They said they wanted to focus more on sketch comedy and longer features, and left Channel Awesome because the requirement to post two videos a month made this more difficult.

The Timid Jester team reviews movies, but is changing its focus  to sketch comedy and features.



Yomarz made his announcement on Monday, April 9. He said he had no personal bad experiences with Channel Awesome but made his decision after several days of reading the accounts of former producers and contributors.

He said joining Channel Awesome was a dream come true and the whole situation made him very sad. He expressed gratitude toward Channel Awesome for elevating his YouTube show.

Yomarz reviews video games, video game ripoffs of existing franchises and he posts Let’s Plays.

Maven of the Eventide


No resignation announcement was found but videos belonging to Elisa Hansen (Maven of the Eventide) were removed from Channel Awesome on April 9.

Hansen hosts “Vampire Reviews.”

UPDATE: Hansen released a statement on Patreon on April 10. It seems to be available only to her Patreons.

Nash Bozard


Nash Bozard announced his resignation from Channel Awesome on his Patreon page on April 7. He said he’s enjoyed his eight years with the company but did not feel comfortable continuing because of the hurt Channel Awesome caused to several former producers.

Nash had 47 videos on Channel Awesome (which were removed the same day as his departure) including videos on The Dresden Files. He also teamed up with Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) for a special video at the request of a fan.

Surmsum Ursa

jill bearup

Jill Bearup, who played Surmsum Ursa for Channel Awesome, announced on her Patreon page that she is leaving Channel Awesome after having reviewed the allegations made against the company by former contributors

Beartrap, along with Sofie Liv, hosted the Women & Geek Culture panel at ALCon.



Linkara announced on his Patreon page and on Twitter he left Channel Awesome. He said it was a difficult decision he’d mulled over for a long time.

He did not say why he left Channel Awesome, but he did contribute to the Twitter conversation between former employees which resulted in the allegations against Channel Awesome surfacing. During the conversation Linkara shared his experiences working on a movie called “To Boldly Flee,” produced by Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic). Linkara and other former producers say the movie was mismanaged and they were over-worked without pay.

Film Brain

film brain

On April Third, Matthew Buck (Film Brain) posted a lengthy letter on his Tumblr page announcing his resignation from Channel Awesome. He said it was a difficult decision for him and he loved his time with Channel Awesome, but personal issues contributed to his need to retire.

Film Brain is known for “Bad Movie Beatdown,” “Projector” and “5 Second Movies.”

Shaun Kronenfeld

unrepentent geeking

Shaun Kronenfeld joined a mass exodus of producers who fled the company on Saturday, April 7 after management’s decision not to talk with them about the scandal. He said he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks.

He said he delayed his decision in part because he’d spent eight years with Channel Awesome and in part because he was waiting for management to admit wrongdoing. He said it’s become clear to him that will never happen. He said he understands 90 percent of his views come from Channel Awesome but he would rather drop to three viewers than stay.

Kronenfeld runs the Unrepentant Geeking show.

The Rap Critic

rap critic

The Rap Critic responded to a fan’s question on Twitter on April 3 on if he was still with Channel Awesome. He said he left after he found out details of Allison Pregler’s treatment at Channel Awesome by Rob Walker and Mike Michaud.

The Rap Critic reviews music videos, music and video games.


rocked reviews.jpg

Luke Spencer(Rocked) announced his resignation from Channel Awesome on April 7, joining a flood of contributors who all left on the same day after being dissatisfied with management’s response to the scandal.

Rocked gave no reasons for his own departure but said he had no regrets about being a part of Channel Awesome for as long as he had.

Chris Stuckmann


Chris Stuckmanndid not make an announcement when he chose to leave Channel Awesome, but fans noted his absence from the site. When asked about it he confirmed he did leave the site. He said the reason he didn’t make an announcement was because he didn’t want to make himself the focus and wanted to keep the focus on the grievances of the other former producers.

Stuckman reviews movies and anime, and he’s written several books.

The Dom

The Dom.png

The Dom announced his resignation on Facebook on April 7. On his post he apologized to his followers for not leaving sooner and said he wanted to get Channel Awesome’s side of the story. He said he had yet to hear from founder Mike Michaud, CEO Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) or CCO Rob Walker.

Dominic Smith (The Dom) said many of those producers who still remain with Channel Awesome do so only out of loyalty and felt betrayed over the refusal of executives to talk to them over this issue.

The Dom reviews movies and books

The Last Angry Geek

Brian Heinz correct

On Saturday, April 7, Brian Heinz (The Last Angry Geek) announced on Twitter he is leaving Channel Awesome. He asked fans not to speculate on the reasons why, nor to bash Channel Awesome or any of the executives or producers.

Heinz is known for “Comic Book Issues,” and “To Boldly Flee.”

The Omega Geek

Omega Geek

Videos by the Omega Geek are no longer featured on Channel Awesome.

The Omega Geek hosted “The Omega: Iteration 0 Sic Transit Mundus” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” She also cohosted Thesbian Talk with Holly Christine and Lesbian Talk with Diamanda Hagan.

Currently she hosts “Psychemedia,” where she uses children’s television for examples to discuss psychology.

Diamanda Hagan

Diamanda Hagan.png

Diamanda Hagan announced her departure from Channel Awesome on March 25. She said she’d been leaning toward leaving because of some allegations she’d read early on and finally decided to leave when she found out she wouldn’t be invited for the 10th anniversary film. She said she’d been open about wanting to do more for some time but constantly felt as if she were being overlooked.

Hagan’s shows include “Hagan Reviews,” “Lesbian Talk” (with The Omega Geek) and “Demons Reviews.”


Mike Jeavons

Mike Jeavons announced his departure from Channel Awesome on Twitter on March 25. He gave no reasons for his decisions but said the majority of his fans watch him on YouTube, so “This will mean nothing.”

Jeavons is the creator of “Shameful Sequels” and “Hang On a Second”

Some Jerk With a Camera

Tony Goldmark.jpg

Tony Goldmark recently joined the slew of contributors who left Channel Awesome on April 7. Goldmark announced his decision on Facebook but gave no reasons for his departure.

Goldmark reviews movies as “Some Jerk With a Camera” with a heavy emphasis on Disney films.

Todd In The Shadows

Todd In The Shadows

Todd Nathanson made his announcement on Twitter on March 22. He said he enjoyed his time with Channel Awesome but felt it was time to move on to a new phase in his career. When asked about the allegations he said some contributors had different experiences and it was their story to tell. He added that his decision was very personal for him and he did not wish to talk about it.

Nathanson creates under the name Tod In The Shadows and his shows include “Todd’s Pop Song Reviews,” “One Hit Wonderland” and “Trainwreckords.”



Calluna joined the April 7 exodus of producers leaving Channel Awesome in protest of management’s alleged refusal to communicate with them and explain their side of the controversy. Calluna said she stayed as long as she did to give management (Michaud, Doug Walker and Rob Walker) a chance to explain. She said the choice of whether or not to leave caused so much anxiety it made her sick, unable to eat and unable to work her two other jobs, which she works in addition to creating YouTube videos.

Calluna is the creator of Calluna Reviews.

Lucky Six

lucky six

The group Lucky Six quietly left Channel Awesome during the recent controversy and their videos have been removed from the page.

Lucky Six Productions created films such as “On The Rocks” and “31 Days of Horror.”

The Horror Guru

Josh Langland

Josh Langland (The Horror Guru) took to Twitter on April 6 to ask any of his followers who watched him on Channel Awesome to subscribe to his videos on YouTube. Langland’s videos no longer appear on Channel Awesome.

Langland reviews movies with his show “Blood Spattered Cinema.”

II Nelge

Il Neige

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he’d left Channel Awesome, Il Neige confirmed, “Yyyyyyyyyyep” on April 6.

Il Nelge reviews movies, video games and creates parody videos.


sf debris

Charles Sonnenburg, creator of SFDebris, posted a lengthy letter on his website on March 24 announcing his resignation from Channel Awesome. He said he made his decision quickly after hearing his good friend, Linkara, decided to leave. He said while much of the accusations against Channel Awesome he’d heard during the public scandal are new, he’d heard enough that the accusations came as no surprise.

He said he’s been better for his time with Channel Awesome and leaves with no ill will.

SFDebris reviews science fiction movies and TV.

Brandon Tenold

Brandon Tenold

Brandon Tenold announced his departure on April 7. As of this writing (April 8), his videos still have not been removed from Channel Awesome, but Tenold said during a conversation on Twitter that this is an oversight on the part of Channel Awesome.

Tenold is the creator of Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews.

Leeman Kessler

Leeman Kessler

Leeman Kessler announced his departure from Channel Awesome on a Facebook video on April 7. Kessler gave no reasons for his departure but wished all the best for those still with Channel Awesome and those who have left.

Kessler created the 530 episode Ask Lovecraft series and has been with the organization since before the move from

List compiled with help from members of the the Official Channel Awesome Facebook Group.

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    1. Look at the “Shows” menu in the main menu. None of these are listed. The archives might still be present, but it doesn’t seem to indicate that the producers are still members of Channel Awesome.

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