Where to Find Infinite Lucky Coins in Fear and Hunger

By Joshua Waddles

10 Feb. 2021

One of the more frustrating aspects of Fear and Hunger is its frequent use of random number generation, presented to the player in the form of a coin toss. When searching weapons racks or bookshelves, players “toss a coin” to determine whether they’ll get something awesome, like plate arm guards (that stop the baddies from chopping your arm off), or nothing at all. Worse than that, players frequently get into situations where they’ll have to toss that coin to determine whether or not they live or die. But players can at least give themselves better than a 50-50 chance of a positive outcome if they can get ahold of a lucky coin. Each lucky coin is single-use only, but allows players to toss two coins in these situations rather than one.

Players can find extra lucky coins on the ground in various locations in the dungeons of Fear and Hunger, and the coins disappear as soon as the player “picks them up.” But there is one lucky-coin spawn location that has a bug. Once the player picks up the coin, it doesn’t disappear. And the player can just keep picking it up over and over and over again.

Getting the Coin

The infinite lucky coin can be found in The Ticket, on the first level after passing the hallway. The game gives multiple dungeon layouts that generate differently each playthough, so players will just have to do some searching, but the coin is usually close to the entrance and not difficult to find.

Finding The Thicket

With a little luck, players can B-line straight to The Thicket in order to get the infinite coins. In order to do this the players will have to have located an explosive vial in one of the barrels or crates early on. The items generate at random, so the player might get three explosive vials or none. They’ll also need the mockup book in the Entrance library, which will always generate as it’s an essential item to continue the game. This first library would also be a good place to use any lucky coins that the players might have already found or started the game with.  

After getting past the Entrance and into the Courtyard, the player will encounter Ragnvaldr (if they are not playing as him). There’s nothing special about that encounter, but once it’s over the player will find rubble blocking a pathway. Using the explosive vial on the rubble will clear the entrance to The Thicket.

Beware of dogs.

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