Three More Producers Leave Channel Awesome

The recent allegations regarding Channel Awesome’s treatment of employees has resulted in a mass exodus of producers from the site, in addition to massive losses of subscriptions.

On Saturday, April 7, Film Brain announced on Twitter he is leaving Channel Awesome. He asked fans not to speculate on the reasons why, nor to bash Channel Awesome or any of the executives or producers.

The Dom announced his resignation on Facebook. On his post he apologized to his followers for not leaving sooner and said he wanted to get Channel Awesome’s side of the story. He said he had yet to hear from founder Mike Michaud, CEO Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) or CCO Rob Walker.

The Dom said many of those producers who still remain with Channel Awesome do so only out of loyalty and felt betrayed over the refusal of executives to talk to them over this issue.

The Dom and Film Brain’s departure announcements came only minutes after Jill Bearup (Surmsum Ursa) announced her resignation from Channel Awesome on her Patreon page. She said she reached her decision after reviewing allegations made against Channel Awesome by former producers and contributors. These allegations have been collected in a massive Google Doc file.

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