Warhammer Streamer Majorkill Banned for One Week in Apparent Mistake

By Joshua Waddles

27 March 2020

Warhammer 40K streamer Majorkill has been banned from YouTube for a week after what he says is a mistake from YouTube’s automatic flagging system. In a Tweet he posted early Sunday morning, he posted screen grabs of the notifications he received from the streaming platform and tagged @TeamYouTube in an attempt to get the moderators to review his appeal.

The screen grabs show YouTube gave Majorkill a “strike” for “nudity or sexual content” for his video “The Cursed Founding EXPLAINED By An Australian.” The end of the video includes a plug for Majorkill’s Patreon account, which does include adult content, and he showed an example during the video. But the example image was censored and did not show any more skin than would be seen from a bikini and, as Majorkill noted in his tweet, the video was neither taken down nor demonetized, yet he says he was banned from YouTube for a week.

Unedited screen grab from the video. The dollar signs were added before the video was uploaded.

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