ERod, Host of Blockbuster Buster, Latest To Leave Channel Awesome

Erod, host of Blockbuster Buster, announced his departure from Channel Awesome in a YouTube Video on April 13. He said he’d campaigned for a year and a half, making videos every week just to be a part of Channel Awesome. Even though he said he probably worked harder than any other producer to join the site, he said there were various reasons for him to move on. He described a massive lack of communication between management and producers and he said he first heard about the controversy from Linkara. (He spent a long time unaware because he does not spend a lot of free time on social media.)

He said, according to his conversations with Linkara, the allegations in the Google document are only the tip of the iceberg.


ERod said he hadn’t made any money from his videos in a very long time but he continued to do it because he loved entertaining the fans and working with other producers. But now fans are unsubscribing and almost all of the producers have left. Although he said he was happy with Channel Awesome for three years, it was time to move on.


ERod is the latest to join a mass exodus of producers leaving Channel Awesome. The full list of producers who left can be found here.


ERod is the creator of Blockbuster Buster, the movie review program.

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