Nifty Little Minecraft Cardboard Set

Minecraft toy cardboard

I spotted these nifty little Minecraft cutout blocks at Walgreens. I passed them by when they were $10 each, but I loaded up when they went on sale for half that. (Cool or not, I couldn’t conscience spending $10 for colored cardboard cutouts). 

They were in the toy isle and I’m not surprised they didn’t sell well. You give cardboard to a kid to play with and it’s completely crushed in the first five minutes, but they’re perfect for a grown nerd like me who only wants them for decoration.

The bookshelves were pretty straight forward. They were exactly like the home made cardboard dice my mother made when I was a kid. But it took me a minute to figure out how the chest was supposed to go together. (I didn’t think to look through all those cardboard sheets for the instructions.)

I can’t really get the chest to close. I probably should have creased the holy hell out of that one part so it would stay down, but it’s also connected from behind, which pulls it open. Not sure what the remedy to that little problem is, at the moment. I don’t want to just tape it closed. 

Next I punched out the cauldron. 

Yeah, this was tricky. After I figured out how it went together, I had to get those cardboard clasps connected at awkward angles as I began to fold the whole thing in on its self. I didn’t get them all in perfect, but it looks good, in my opinion. 

For the enchanting table, the book was kind of weird. Why didn’t they just print both sides instead of making you fold the cardboard back to make both sides of the page? I don’t know, but it ended up looking good. 

There’s a bit more to this, but I just don’t have much room. 

And there you have it. I didn’t see anything that had a cardboard human guy, but what the hell. I’ll let Twilight live there. 

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