The Awesome and the Sucky: WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch

WWE 2K18 has a reputation for being a broken game. Being new to the WWE 2K games, I couldn’t say how it compares to the previous games, but while WWE 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch has some irritating issues, it’s not unplayable.


The awesome


The WWE 2K games are known for great game play. 2K18 is no exception. For the most part, the matches in the game feel very natural. The notifications to press LR for reversals give a sense of important timing that feels organic to a match.


Other systems make the player very aware they’re playing a video game. The submission system comes in two versions depending on preference. One requires twirling the joystick to match up the positions of a half circle, the other alternates which button to mash.


The game also has a huge amount of playable characters. One of the obvious exceptions would be The Hardy Boyz, who are coming on a DLC pack (at some point.)


And the character creation mode is absolutely excellent. Player made characters are often indistinguishable from the characters included with the game its self (until the announcer calls the name “Hank Hagan”).


The sucky


The game likes to freeze. It doesn’t happen too frequently, but frequently enough to be very annoying, particularly when it happens in the middle of an epic match.


The targeting system is terrible, the sort of thing that makes you want to throw the $60 joycon against the wall during a Royal Rumble.


There’s an AI issue with tag matches and multi man matches in which some NPC characters get trapped outside of the ring, unable to figure out how to get back into the ring or to the ring apron.


Judging by the timing of the release of the game and the fact that we still don’t know when the DLC is going to be released, it seems the Switch version of this game is an afterthought as far as developers are concerned.


And lastly, Hulk Hogan is not included in the game.


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