How to Completely Level Up a Lord in One Turn on Total War: Warhammer III

By Joshua Waddles

10 Feb. 2022

Those blessed with early access to Total War: Warhammer III have revealed an epic way to cheese the game’s mechanic in order to level up their lord to as high a level as they please in just one turn. This little-known cheese also exists in Total War: Warhammer II. The reason it was little known was because the opportunity to perform said cheese came about very rarely, and a player, in most cases, would have had to spend all day doing it in order to unlock their lord’s good skills. But in TW: Warhammer III the opportunity for this cheese not only comes about more often, it’s also much more effective.

How it Works

This cheese can only be performed under very specific conditions. First, your lord must be in a coastal city with a port. Second, an AI enemy army must be at sea and so close to that coastal city that attacking the army doesn’t cost any movement points. It sounds like lottery odds, but the AI is much more aggressive in Warhammer III, so you’ll have the opportunity to do this on at least a few occasions. Especially when Mortal Empires comes out, making Norsca, Vampire Coast and (hopefully) every other faction available.

With your lord and the enemy army in place, it’s time to attack. Obviously you want to fight the battle manually. As soon as the battle starts, order your lord to withdraw. Now attack again, and just keep doing that over and over. Warhammer III changes the way it deals out experience points: it now depends on the size of the enemy army rather than the type of victory. So if the enemy army is much bigger than yours (which it will be if you only recruited the lord to defend the city), your lord will gain more experience than the AI lord each turn even though you’re losing. Furthermore, if your lord type has any damage-dealing magic at all, it’s likely you can destroy the enemy army with nothing but your lord. Once you’ve leveled up his spells, just start casting damage spells from a safe position and withdraw when it gets to dangerous. The AI army won’t heal up between battles so you can just keep attacking, dealing a little damage, withdrawing and attacking again until there’s nothing left of the AI army.

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