Why Jeff Jarrett’s HoF Induction Was The LAST Thing Wrestling Insiders Expected

Listen up, slapnuts.

The WWE recently announced that Jeff Jarrett would be inducted into the 2018 Hall of Fame. This came as a major shock to those who’ve read Chyna’s book.

Shortly after Vince Russo signed over with WcW (the beginning of the end of that company), Jerrett’s contract with WWF expired. His last day under contract was on Oct. 16, 1999. Because of this, he had Vince McMahon over a barrel. Because he was scheduled to lose the Intercontinental Title to Chyna at No Mercy on Oct. 17. The late Joan Laurer (Chyna) described in her book how WWE executives were frantic on that day because Jarrett refused to wrestle unless Vince McMahon paid him $300,000.

McMahon paid the money and Chyna won the title before Jarrett moved to WcW to work with his co-conspirator (according to Chyna), Vince Russo.

It was a good thing Jarrett had that little next egg, because it was only about two years later that Vince McMahon bought WcW. And McMahon made a special point of firing Jarrett on live T.V.

During an interview after the announcement of his induction into the Hall of Fame, Jarrett said McMahon did this for the sake of good television. Even so, Jarrett did not take place in the WcW “invasion” of the WWF and has not made any appearance in organization since then.

So how in the world did this happen?

Time heals all wounds, it would seem. More than that, Jarrett has always been a good friend with the current WWE World Champion, A.J. Styles. McMahon could certainly afford paying $300,000. According to Chyna, the only reason he was so mad in the first place was because he hated to lose.

But McMahon certainly won in the end, and this induction could be taken as a long overdue show of respect to the one man who almost got one over on him.

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