Roman Reigns Has Completely Ruined Wrestling

On my lunch break today, I was thinking “You know, I can’t think of a reason in the world to watch RAW tonight. Lesnar has held the belt hostage for months, he may keep it until WrestleMania, and every time the WWE starts to get good something gets completely detailed with Vince McMahon’s meddling.”

But I stopped myself. I wanted to be optimistic. So Joe wasn’t my first pick. He’s still damn good and maybe Vince will be smart enough to put the belt on him.
I badly wanted it to be Bray Wyatt. A one month reign is just pathetic and to have him drop it at WrestleMania just so Vince could pass it to Jinder Mahal and expand in India… 

But I took a breath. Today was a new day, and at least Roman Reigns wasn’t the number one contender.

Then they let Reigns pin Bray clean. There wasn’t a reason in the world for Reigns to pin Bray, they weren’t even feuding.
This after Reigns retires The Undertaker, which I could only take as a middle finger to every fan who ever booed Reigns. 

The same fans who grew up with The Undertaker. Who watched and cheered for decades, paid for the pay per views when they still $45. 

Vince McMahon has nothing but contempt for his fans. 

So… I guess that’s it. This isn’t even a rage quit, I simply don’t see one single reason in the world to watch the WWE anymore. We’ll see if that changes, but I’ve already been waiting for years. I’m tired of waiting for something that will never happen.
If Vince wanted to drive off the smarks so he could sell Reigns, congratulations.

But if I could deliver a message to either McMahon or Reigns, it would be that the guy who lived, ate and breathed wrestling since he was five years old said “Fuck you.”

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