VR Spaceship: an immersive VR tease

VR Spaceship is a game that seems designed to tantalize you with the possibilities of virtual reality.

From what I can tell, you don’t do anything except walk around the spaceship. But this interior is very immersive and will certainly get you thinking about the game that lets you actually fiddle with the controls and explore space.

To move, you look at pink way points. Most VR games right now are controlled that way with the gyroscope.

It made me think of a retro game I’ve played a few times called Noctus. You piloted a ship in this game, but not from the point of view of the ship its self. You actually stayed inside and set the auto pilot, then you could move around in the ship during the trip. I love that! A super immersive sim that I’ve never seem anywhere else. 

And you selected the destination and all that by looking at the menu.

This could easily be adapted to VR. 

And No Man’s Sky can be played in VR already, although I heard that gives you really bad motion sickness.  

I’d make that trade in a minute if I had the right console. Same issue with Minecraft PE VR. Samsung seems to have it exclusive.

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