Executive Meddling Derailed the Kanye West Episode of Rick and Morty

West and the creators continued talks and made much progress, basically having an episode planned within moments, according to Harmon. West even planned to create original music for the episode. And this may be what caused the production companies to step in.

Ryback’s Followers Keep Voting for Him to Retire

Social media can be a cruel place for wrestlers. While normal trolls on Twitter have no problem at all inciting the angry reaction they seek, the destruction of kayfabe has left heels struggling to generate the boos and negative feedback they need in order to make viewers root for the good guy during matches.

How to Import Custom Art for Subnautica Picture Frames

That’s a pretty kickin’ pad you set up, there! You’ve got your Moonpool to park that pink Seamoth, a sweet observatory so you can just chillax and watch that Reaper Leviathan swimming around (it almost got you while you were building that! Get that image out of your head while you’re going to bed tonight), a Scanner Room to scope out wrecks and resources, and a bedroom with a desk.