YouTube Restores Kraken the Box After Twitter Backlash

By Joshua Waddles

15 Dec 2022

Kraken the Box, a YouTube channel run by a Make a Wish child named “Captain Kori,” has been restored after having been removed the previous day. Visitors to the channel found a notification that the channel allegedly “violated Google’s terms of service,” although they were not told which article in the TOS the channel was accused of violating or how.

Kori has had to have two heart transplants and has been in palliative care. His parents have reached out to celebrities in order to help him achieve his dream of reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers. The Rock and Johnny Depp both responded with Depp making a video in full costume in the character of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain Kori quickly reached his goal after the endorsements and is well on his way to reaching 200,000 subscribers. His current subscriber count is 171,000 as of this writing.

So far there is no official word on why the channel was removed in the first place. Twitter commentators speculate that the channel might have been targeted for a mass reporting campaign, although comments on the channel videos seem mostly supportive. Others feel the channel was likely automatically removed because of its swift increase in viewership, making Google/YouTube’s systems think there might have been bots involved.


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