Kraken the Box Reaches 200,000 Subscribers

By Joshua Waddles

17 Dec 2022

Kraken the Box, a YouTube channel run by a child who has had to receive two heart transplants, has reached 200,000 subscribers mere days after reaching his goal of 100,000 subscribers.

Captain Kori, the page operator, uploaded a thank you video on his channel to say thank you to all of his subscribers, not only for subscribing but for donating to a toy drive he and Crewmate Pixie organized for local charities and hospitals.

Kraken the Box reached 100,000 subscribers in December after some celebrity endorsements. Johnny Depp performed in a video in full costume and in the character of Captain Jack Sparrow to encourage more people to subscribe.

Captain Kory and Crewmate Pixie’s toy drive is still ongoing. Anyone interested in donating can do so through Captain Kory’s Amazon wishlist found here.

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