YouTube Removes Terminally Ill Child’s YouTube Channel, Kraken the Box

By Joshua Waddles

14 Dec 2022

Recently the parents of a child known as “Kori” reached out to several celebrities for help with his YouTube channel, Kraken the Box. Kori has had two heart transplants in his life and is currently in palliative care, which focuses on optimizing quality of life and mitigating suffering for those with complex or terminal illnesses.

Kori’s dream was to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers so he could have a Silver Play Button award. Kori reached this goal after Pirates of the Caribbean Actor Johnny Depp recorded a video for him in character for his channel. Within a few days, Kraken the Box achieved over 150,000 subscribers.

Yet for currently unknown reasons, that channel is no longer available on YouTube.

Twitter’s response was fast and ferocious.

This is a developing story and currently there is only speculation on why the channel might have been removed. It is entirely possible the channel was removed by mistake and may be restored soon.

Update: Kraken the Box has been restored. See story here.


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