Legend of Total War Announces Retirement Plans

By Joshua Waddles

24 Dec. 2021

The great and terrible Cheese Lord of Total War made the announcement during his Clan Eshin Vortex Livestream on Dec. 23. After nine years on YouTube and with a following of almost 400,000 Total War: Warhammer II fans, Legend of Total War plans to retire. At least in terms of live streaming.

Abou half an hour into the stream, one fan asked Legend if he saw himself still livestreaming in five years. Legend responded “Probably not,” then decided now was the time to tell his followers about his plans.

“Livestreaming is the best and worst job in the world,” said Legend. “I think I’ve probably aged more in the past two years than I have in the past ten years… and that’s why I made the decision to retire. Not yet, not right before Total War: Warhammer III.”

Although he couldn’t say for sure how long he’d continue livestreaming, he predicted retirement in about six months. He specified he was only retiring from livestreaming, but would continue uploading videos such as his tierlist videos and Saving Your Disaster Battles. He also said he intended to occasionally livestream after his retirement for special occasions, such as charity fundraisers or excellent DLCs, but he said this would only happen about once every six months.

Legend recently returned from a two-month vacation. He originally planned to only be gone for about a week but, as he explained in previous livestreams, the absence of livestreams didn’t damage his channel’s performance nearly as much as he’d expected it to, so he kept extending his vacation and returned with a High Elves livestream. He returned strong, lasting 16 days without a single battlefield defeat.

On Dec. 23, Legend explained he had a lot of time to think about what he wants during his vacation. Living in Australia, he begins his livestreams at midnight in his timezone in order to reach a European audience. He’d noted in previous livestreams that working all night and sleeping all day took a tole on his health. He also said he wanted to have a family and travel.

“To make it absolutely clear, the retirement has nothing to do with Total War: Warhammer, and everything to do with how exhausting livestreams are,” he said. He added that his two months off were very good, with a constant good mood and sleeping during normal hours. But during his return, he said, he almost immediately got worn out again.

“It’s not your fault,” he told the chat. “It’s just the job in its self. Honestly… I wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long had I been livestreaming for any other community. I’d have given up long ago.”

Chat rang out with cries of “Please don’t leave us, Legend!” But Legend said he’d already taken a lot of time to think it over and retirement is in the near future. He promised many more livestreams before his retirement, including his long awaited Throgg campaign, which he plans for his last Total War: Warhammer II livestream before the release of Total War: Warhammer III. After the release of TW: Warhammer III, he intends to go all out. He said he would try for seven days a week during Warhammer III coverage.

Thank you, Legend of Total War. The TW: Warhammer community will miss you.

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