No Longer Homeless and Streaming Again

How are y’all doing, my folks? I apologize in advanced, because this is likely to be a short, informal article. My head is still spinning, holy damn.

If you follow me on Facebook or YouTube, you may have seen a couple of posts referencing the fact that I was, or previously had been, living in my car. I’m happy to say that is no longer the case, I moved into this nice cozy apartment at the end of May (about three months prior to the date of this article being posted).

As far as homelessness goes, it could have been a lot worse. It only lasted about three months and about half of that time was in a hotel room (I had a lot of help). The other half of the time I was sleeping in my car, alternating between Walmart and a local highway rest area.

The frustrating part is that I had enough money to get an apartment most of that time. But because the state went on lockdown, I couldn’t find anyone to lease an apartment to me for two months. People who’ve never in their lives had to worry about where they were going to sleep decided that apartment leasing did not count as “essential business.”

But no sense in getting myself all moody again. I’m back and as you may have seen on the previous post, I’m drawing again.

Also, I stopped drinking. But weed is legal in this state so there’ll be no shortage of incoherent rambling.

I am The Southern Nerd

And I hope y’all will stick around and keep reading my posts. See y’all.

Oh, yeah. And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel if you’re interested in those livestreams I mentioned.

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