The Mist: Decent Enough But Betrays the Source Material

I started out liking the series based on The Mist. And actually, I still kind of do. It’s a good show with good characters and stories. There’s just one problem: It’s not The Mist. Beyond the aesthetics, I’d say it more closely resembles Solaris, a movie about an alien psychic ocean.

In the book and movie, Earth was taken over by aliens from another dimension that no human being had ever seen. In the series, The Mist creates monsters based on the victims’ minds.

These are two very different things. Not to say that one is inferior to the other, but if I show up to your barbeque expecting a burger and you give me chicken, I’m probably going to be disappointed. Even though I do like chicken.

But this could be because the show is constrained by a budget. CGI is expensive, after all.

Either way, those haven’t seen the movie or read the novella are likely to enjoy the series more. I’ll be giving the show another shot myself, while trying very hard to put the movie and novella out of my mind.

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