Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Teases Return of Original Teen Titans

After 12 years of internet rage and bargaining with God, fans of the original Teen Titans cartoon finally have the announcement they’ve been waiting for.


Creators of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies urged fans to stay for the post-credit scene. This scene begins with static effects, as if someone were hijacking a transition and cuts to the Teen Titans, as they appeared on the beloved 2000s cartoon. Robin announces “We think we’ve found a way back.”

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Tara Strong, voice of Raven in both Teen Titans Go and the original cartoon, tweeted in early June that she’d been told the original cartoon would get a new season of the TTG movie did well. This was met with skepticism by many fans, who suspected trolling by Strong. The qualifier depending on the movie’s success also did not raise hopes with fans who did not expect the movie to do well. (Forbes reports the movie took in $4.3 million for its opening Friday, which is decent but does not “Kick all butts.”)

The creators, however, clearly felt confident in either the movie or their decision to bring back the original series.

Though many fans of the original cartoon have heavily criticized Teen Titans Go, both for its content and frequent marathons on Cartoon Network, the show remains a money maker for Cartoon Network and at least succeeded in keeping the franchise in the minds of the viewers. More importantly, it kept the original voice actors together and available to work on the new project. So if nothing else, the show can (apparently) be credited with bringing back the original show that fans have missed for over a decade.

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