Creator Spotlight: John D Ruddy



John D Ruddy creates cartoon videos summarizing historical events. His YouTube channel and Patreon features videos such as “French Revolution in 9 Minutes,” “American Civil War in 10 Minutes” and “World War I in 6 Minutes.” As a teacher and historian, Ruddy packs a surprising amount of depth and details into these short videos, which he illustrates himself.

Formally a part of Channel Awesome under the name RudtheSpud, Ruddy seems to have left on good terms before the Channel Awesome Implosion. His videos with CA can still be found here.

As an illustrator, Ruddo has expanded his brand into a comic book series called Manny Man. His page,, features almost 300 comic reworks of classic movie and television scenes.

But Ruddo also carries the Manny Man franchise back into his passion for history. The characters in his historical documentaries feature the same style as the comics and Ruddo has produced a couple of “Manny Man Does” historical books. Included on his Amazon bibliography are Manny Man Does the History of Ireland, Manny Man Does Revolutionary Ireland: 1916-1923 and Manny Man Does Shakespeare: Macbeth.

An artist of many hats, Ruddo is on tour with a stage-play production called Frank Pig Says Hello, featuring Darragh Byrne and himself.

According to Ruddo’s website, The Irish Times, The Evening Herald and The Sunday Independent all heaped praise on the tour, with a reviewer from The Irish Times calling it “one of the saddest and funniest tales I have ever seen.”

More of John D Ruddy can be found on his various social media platforms including:

And his websites at:

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