The Platformer and Top-Down Games Thrive as Nintendo Announces “Nindy” Releases

By Joshua Waddles

17 Sept. 2017

As platform consoles moved toward 3D, panning cameras and 360 motion, it seemed for a time that fans of platformers and top-down games would have to dig through vintage video game stores for their preferred format. But these sorts of games have found an army of enthusiastic developers with the rise of Indy video games.

Nintendo jumped on that bandwagon with the embrace of “Nindy” developers for 3DS and Switch. Nintendo has announced the release of several Nindy games, some on multiple platforms and some exclusive to the Switch, which will be released between now and into 2018.

More info about each game and gameplay footage can be found in the articles linked to each title.

SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig is an award-winning independent platformer in the style of Metroid and Castlvania. In the sequel, soon to be available on the Nintendo Switch, the player controls a steam bot on a quest to find a missing friend.

Wielding a pickax, the player digs deep under ground, finding hidden treasures and labyrinths to explore.

SteamWorld Dig 2 will be released on Sept. 21 (2017).

Golf Story

A true Nindy, Golf Story will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this September. The first in its franchise, details are scarce, but trailers show a colorful, retro art style with colorful locations and a top-down perspective. Golf Story is an RPG telling the story of a golfer’s quest to tee off around the world.

Nine Parchments


Set in the world of Trine, Nine Parchments tells the story of four wizards on a quest to master magic. Nine Parchments is a top-down perspective blasting game which allows multiple players to shoot elemental-based magic spells on enemies. Multiple characters can be unlocked in the game and players can change their spells.

Nine Parchments will be available this year.

Battle Chef Brigade

A fantasy beat-em-up, the player controls one of four karate chefs as they slay monsters to use their corpses as ingredients for a cooking competition. Each character has his or her own story arc and the game mixes button-mashing fighting with cooking puzzle games as each chef tries to be the best chef in the world.

Battle Chef Brigade will be released during the holidays this year.

Super Meat Boy Forever

In this auto-runner in the style of Super Mario Run, the player controls a man made of ground meat, or his wife, Bandage Girl, as they dash through grinding levels of sinister buzz saws and enemies. A sequel to the 2010 Game, Super Meat Boy, this game was originally designed on for mobile and now includes a more involved story in which Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl search for their kidnapped child, Nugget.

Super Meat Boy Foever will be available in 2018 on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, IOS and Andriod.

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