Nine Parchments Blows You Away with Magic Battles

Nine parchments

A co-op shooter, but with wizards instead of gunners. Nine Parchment places up to four wizards in a top-down, 3D RPG world to fight dragons and monsters. Created by Frozenbyte, Nine Parchments is set in the world of Trine and tells the story of the wizards in that game. 

Starting with one character, the player unlocks the other three by completing quests. After awaking in an icy cavern, the player eventually finds companions with unique abilities and skills to aid him on his quest.

Navigating an immersive top-down world, the player finds items to aid in their quest and battles enemies with not only magic, but weapons and melee combat. Players can use evasion tactics to lead the enemy in circles while the player or other characters blow the enemy away with elemental-based spells: ice, fire, earth, air, electricity for example The player also has the option of changing spells to suit tastes and needs.  

The game increases in difficulty when played by more than one player in co-op mode. More enemies will attack the players and the monsters will have increased strength. Some monsters are also immune to the attacks of certain elements. 

Nine Parchments will be available this year on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One. 

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