Dr Whooves, the Time Pony

Art by Hezaa

Across the multiverse, there exists beings of unimaginable power and cruelty. Monsters. They travel the stars sowing destruction and despair. 

And they tremble in fear at the name of The Doctor. 

The fans gave the name Dr Whoves to a background pony with an hourglass cutie mark because he kind of looks like David Tennant, who played The Tenth Doctor. 

Fans paired Dr Whooves with Derpy Hooves as his companion. The combination of Dr Who and My Little Pony has set a fire in the imaginations of fans. High quality fan works, such as “Dr Whooves and Assistant”, reinforce fan love of this pairing.

The Doctor and Derpy got official recognition with episode 100, ” Slice of Life,” as the two of them featured heavily in the plot. No Daleks or Cybermen showed up, but Hasbro gave us official acknowledgement with the scarf and Derpy calling him Doctor.

Now if only Hasbro could go back to calling her Derpy. 

For more My Little Pony characters with pictures, check out the tag or related articles below. 

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