How Bray on RAW -could- be awesome.

There’s one way, and only one way I can think of, that Bray Wyatt on RAW could end up being as good or better than Wyatt on SMACKDOWN as World Champion.
He’s not going to get The Universal Title right away. WWE had picked Roman Butt-Fucking Reigns to feud with Lesnar, and it’ll be at least one more pay per view before we even see that damn match. So the belt is off the table for at least a few months. 

So after Payback (Which Bray had better fucking win!) there’s not a feud or a story angle in the world I can think of that would be good enough to make up for Bray losing the belt after only one month.
Unless he mixes it up with HHH. 

They’ve teased this more than once, and it would fit Bray Wyatt’s character because he’s all about the evils of society, anti status quo and anti authority. 

They’ve even teased face turns. One of my favorite Bray Wyatt moments was when he said he was doing it for the teenage girl who thinks she’s supposed to look like those magazine models. 

Now for Bray to mix it up with The Authority, that probably means he’s going to be inserted into an existing feud. This would either be Seth Rollins or (please, God, no) Roman Reigns. 

I hate that Bray is even on the same show as Reigns. I doubt I’ll be able to watch them in the same ring, even if that means Wyatt turns face against The Authority. But… as much as I can’t stand the sight of Roman Reigns (for the same reason I don’t kneel down at the park and stare at a coil of dog shit) there’s a -very- small chance that could evolve into a Universal Title run for Wyatt if he spent time as Reigns’ ally. 

For it to work that way, Lesnar would have to retain against Reigns, or else Wyatt would be in a match against his own partner. (And Vince is never going to let Wyatt pin Reigns.) 

Alternatively, he could help someone we actually like, or just attack The Authority for no reason like he’s done to most other wrestlers he’s feuded with. 

Of course, we all know the problem with these hopes. Who ever makes the WWE’s booking decisions is a whore. If they’ve ever had artistic vision in their lives, they sold it to The Devil for quick and easy profits. All of their decisions are based solely on one question: will this make Little Johnny buy a fucking toy? 
But it’s worth hoping. The WWE has surprised us before. 

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