Life jackets on, watch out for pterodactyls

VR Jurassic Ride is a decent enough distraction.

There’s just something about dinosaurs for VR designers. If you search for VR anything, you’re going to get a dinosaur game. 

The only virtual reality river boat ride I could find was a VR dinosaur tour. Which is fine, I like dinosaurs as much as the next guy. 

The graphics weren’t as clean and lush as I hoped. They weren’t bad, but they were a little cartoony and basic. Parts were also a little jerky, mostly with the flying animals. 

  • Didn’t know the water was that deep on such a narrow river

The music caught on with me. The ukulele seemed out of place at first and sort of reminded me of a Nintendo game because of the cheeriness. But it never got annoying and got quieter as I started the game. At that level, it provided a nice, catchy background track.

The game succeeds in being a relaxing distraction. I almost felt like I was actually on a boat ride and the dinosaurs provided some OK scenery. 

It’s one of the few VR games I’ve played more than once. 

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