Animation News Site Dragged for Revealing Location of Rebecca Sugar’s New Home

By Joshua Waddles

5 Dec. 2022

Steven Universe fans were outraged when an animation news website, Cartoon Brew, published an article about Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar’s new 2-million dollar home. The article, published on Saturday, Dec. 3, included details about the property and photos taken from a Compass. But the article also included the general location of the property, leading several Twitter users to accuse the website of doxing the creator.

Some users did come to the site’s defense, feeling that the writer had no malicious intent and pointing out that the information was already publicly available.

The writer of the article apologized and said he never anticipated the backlash, since he’d posted real-estate stories on the site before. He promised not to post real-estate articles in the future and said the article had been removed. However, the article is still on the website as of this writing, 16 hours after the original post.

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