Lesbian Moon Lobster is Pearl-Shelled Sea Goddess

Over an enchanted ocean, as night replaces day, away from the world of land-walkers where bigotry holds sway. Glittering moonlight sparkles on her glimmering shell, so gay – the Lesbian Moon Lobster has come to take your pain away.

A 10th generation fisherman caught the magnificent Lesbian Moon Lobster and posted a picture on Twitter. This fisherman could plainly see that LML was blessed by the gay gods and threw her back into the water, rather than cook her or put her in an aquarium.

The fisherman, Alex Todd, said he’d been fishing lobster since he was 6 years old. Now 39, he’d never seen a white lobster in all his life.

Other albino lobsters have made the news, but Lesbian Moon Lobster’s shell sets her apart from all the others because of its luminescent hue, much like mother of pearl.

The pictures went viral, and at some point, people began calling the lobster “The Lesbian Moon Lobster,” flooding Twitter with memes about how Lesbian Moon Lobster controls the seas. 

The fact that Lesbian Moon Lobster had a clutch of eggs under her tail would refute the lesbian theory (this is the real reason the fisherman let her go.) Unless, of course, she went through artificial insemination. 

Lesbian, bi, trans or hetero, Lesbian Moon Lobster has been quickly accepted as the sea goddess of all things queer.

The “L word” is Lobster.

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