Want to be Featured on The Southern Nerd?

Hello, folks. I’m looking for more indy artists of all sorts, being cosplayers, writers or video game artists (or anything else) to feature on The Southern Nerd. Are you looking to get your name out there as an artist? Well here’s a very easy way to start. Simply answer this questionnaire and send it to TheSouthernNerd2016@gmail.com (please include the questions with your answers to help me keep it organized.)

It probably goes without saying, but there’s no charge to participate.


What is your art?
**If a sort of fan art, like cosplay or fanfics, what are your favorite subjects?
**If mostly your own creations, please describe.Do you work alone or as part of a team?
**If part of a team, can you tell me about them?

How long have you been doing this?
What is your coal for your art, or have you reached it already?How do you connect with the community, those who share your interests? Or do you just sort of go it alone?If this is not your first time being featured for your art, can you tell us about the first time your art went public? A little story about your first time putting it out there: your first convention, your first publication, etc.Can you tell us about your day job or any artists dues you’ve paid? (Metaphorical artist dues. For example, Lynyrd Skynyrd practiced in an unairconditioned shed for a long time and ate McDonalds every day because it was the only thing they could afford.)

Do you have a favorite memory or experience related to your art?

Do you have a favorite artist or work? Tell me what you love about them.

Do you have an artist or work you take inspiration from? Tell me how they influenced you.

Can you tell me about any life difficulties you’ve had? Either related to your art or not. Has your art helped you cope? If so, how?

Please include at least one picture of yourself (more pictures welcome)

Please include links to all of your relevant work and platforms, including Patreon.

Note: By participating, sending pictures and information, you’re granting me nonexclusive rights to publish and republish the pictures and information you send me in perpetuity, not restricted to any particular website or media type.

Basically this means you still own it, you’re just giving me permission to post everything you send me and keep posting it on any website and/or social media, or printed media if I expand into print.

I hope to hear from you.

Joshua Waddles (The Southern Nerd)


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