Jill Bearup (Surmsum Ursa) Latest To Leave Channel Awesome

Jill Bearup, who played Surmsum Ursa for Channel Awesome, announced on her Patreon page that she is leaving Channel Awesome after having reviewed the allegations made against the company by former contributors. Former contributors began publically discussing their experiences on Twitter in March which led to a massive backlash against the company.

Bearup is the latest of about ten contributors to leave. Other’s who’ve left because of the scandal include Linkara, Chris Stuckmann, The Rap Critic and Mike Buck (Film Brain.)

Allegations against the company include bullying of contributors on the part of the CEO, sexual harassment from a former CEO, firing contributors for unethical reasons from the current CEO and overworking contributors with no pay, the last allegation directed at Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic.)

Channel Awesome has lost over 3,000 subscribers in the last 30 days as a result of these allegations. A full account of the statements by former contributors against Channel Awesome can be found in this Google Doc file.

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