Warhammer 40K Fan Salutes Every Day For Nearly a Year to Bring Back Fan Work “If The Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device” (TTS)

By Joshua Waddles

9 July 2022

 Nearly a decade ago, YouTube creator Bruva Alfabusa and his crew began a series of videos parodying the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The premise of the series answered a lot of fan questions regarding how The God Emperor of Mankind, sitting not quite dead on his throne, would react if he knew about the current happenings in the Imperium of Man by giving the Emperor a text-to-speech device, allowing him to communicate with his Custodes.

The series, “What if The Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device” (TTS) attracted a massive cult following with the videos amassing millions of views. But about 11 months ago, the creator announced the end of TTS.

Games Workshop, which holds the copyright to the characters of Warhammer 40K, became infamous with the fan community for sending copyright strikes against fan creators and restricting their use of Warhammer-related material. Alfabusa said TTS did not receive any of those copyright strikes, but he decided to discontinue the series because of Games Workshop’s policy on the grounds he felt the series was in danger of being taken down. For the sake of job security for himself and his crew, he turned his focus to other projects.

Fans were understandably heartbroken. Warhammer streamer Majorkill said the series was not only the best 40K series on YouTube, but the best content on YouTube in general, and fans on r/TTSverse expressed their grief.

But one fan refused to let the issue drop. Reddit user savage_sombra recorded herself saluting every day until the return of TTS. As of the publication date of this article, she is on day 331.

TTS fans respond with o7, an emoji created to represent a salute. Sadly, as of yet, there’s been no indications that TTS might get new episodes.

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